Friday, 19 August 2011

Welcome to BeBeauty!!

Hi Guys!
I thought I'd just start off my new blog with a BIG HELLO, and also give you the basics on what to expect from my new blog.

So as a cosmetics and beauty lover, I have recently been thinking about how I'd love to share all of the new things I've found out/ tried, and also share my thoughts on new products that I've been using (messing around with).

I have listened to loads and loads of my friends, talking about things that they find difficult when it comes to their skin, make up application etc. And over the years I have found blogs, and tutorials on the Internet fascinating and helpful, and have learnt new things and tried new products that have helped me learn about what works best in different situations etc.

And what better way to learn more things about all that I love than writing about them?!

So what to expect:
- Product reviews
- Lots of makeup!
- Video tutorials (hopefully coming soon)

Anyway, I hope you'll all like what you find here!



  1. thoughts on mineral foundation? tempted to buy some but i'm not sure... x

  2. I haven't personally tried it, although, in the past I have wanted to. It depends on what type of makeup you're looking for really. Most mineral foundation is in powder form I think, so if you don't mind using powder and you're used to it then great. I would personally buy a liquid one because it's easier to apply and less likely to look patchy like you can sometimes get with powder foundation. But if you don't like 'dewy' looking skin I'd get a good powder to set it too :)

    I looked it up anyway and it seems like the main pro's of using mineral foundation, is that they are much less likely to cause skin reactions. And don't contain many of the chemicals that normal foundations do. Also they naturally protect against the sun (which is great if you don't want to look like a prune on day). Also its apparently good for your skin in that you're less likely to have breakouts/ spots.

    To be honest, reading up on it has made me want to try some! Lol
    Hope I helped, as I say I haven't tried it, so I would have a quick mooch on google and check out reviews xx

  3. Hey great blog I just started mine too
    Hope you follow back :)